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WD Gold WD1005FBYZ 1 TB Hard Drive - 3.5" Internal - SATA (SATA-600)

WD Gold WD1005FBYZ 1 TB Hard Drive - 3.5" Internal - SATA (SATA-600)
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Conquer tough workloads with enterprise-class WD Gold™ HDDs. Available in 1TB to 14TB capacities, this highly reliable solution for demanding storage environments provides up to 2.5M hours MTBF, vibration protection technology and a low power draw thanks to HelioSeal™ technology [for 12TB and above]. Specifically designed for use in enterprise-class data centers and storage systems, the WD Gold SATA HDD delivers the world-class performance you expect from Western Digital® hard drives.

Beyond Expectations
WD Goldâ„¢ hard drives are performance-optimized for heavy application workloads, whether you need 1TB or 14TB. The WD Gold HDD's wide capacity range solves for the most demanding storage environments.

Enhanced Reliability
With up to 2.5M hours MTBF, WD Goldâ„¢ hard drives deliver enhanced levels of dependability and durability.

A World-Class Performer
Delivering excellent service to any storage environment, WD Goldâ„¢ hard drives are designed to handle workloads up to 550TB per year - among the highest of any 3.5-inch hard drive.

Vibration Protection
WD Goldâ„¢ has sophisticated monitoring electronics that help correct linear and rotational vibrations in real time using enhanced vibration protection technology for improved performance in high-vibration environments.

Play Well with Others
Broadly compatible with most PC and major enterprise operating systems. Specifically designed for use in enterprise-grade data centers and storage systems.

5-Year Limited Warranty
Every WD Goldâ„¢ HDD comes with a 5-year limited warranty, so you can be confident in your storage.
  • Get peace of mind with a 5-year limited warranty
  • HelioSealâ„¢ technology delivers high capacities with a low power draw [12TB and above]
  • Improve performance with our vibration protection technology
  • Specifically designed for use in enterprise-grade data centers and storage systems
  • Enhanced reliability with up to 2.5M hours MTBF
  • Conquer tough workloads with enterprise-grade WD Goldâ„¢ HDDs. Available in 1TB to 14TB* capacities.

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